Effectively Connecting Organizational Culture and Patient Experience

The patient experience is inseparable from the culture of the organization. The patient experience affects the quality of care, patients’ likelihood to return for care and the opinions they spread to others about their care. Physician and non-physician leaders should appreciate that organizational culture will influence provider and staff behaviors which will, in turn, affect the patient experience and, ultimately, the success of the practice, including referrals to the practice.

Culture in organizations is manageable and can be led with intention. Culture is the leaders’ choice.

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About Daniel K. Zismer, Ph. D.

Daniel K. Zismer, Ph. D.

Daniel K. Zismer, Ph.D. Is the Co-Chair, Co-Founder and CEO of Associated Eye Care Partners. He is also Endowed Scholar, Professor Emeritus and Chair, Department of Healthcare Administration, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota.

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