Aperture is a publication produced by Associated Eye Partners, LLC. Topics address practice strategy, operating economics productivity, leadership development, clinical programming, facilities development and the effects of global healthcare dynamics on the eye care practices and health services delivery in general.

Leading a High-Performing Culture - Ten Practical Lessons

Posted with permission by Physician Leadership Journal, Volume 8 Issue 3, pages 27-28, American Association for Physician Leadership®, 800-562-8088, www.physicianleaders.org

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A Unique Perspective and Approach to Practice Productivities Performance Analytics and Leadership Decision-Making

Since the dawn of the medical group practice, physician leaders and practice administrators have leaned on financial accounting data for most strategically and managerially important practice performance decisions. The reason why is unassailable; business success is quantified in terms of dollars and cents. The main challenge of relying on accounting data alone for critical decision-making is the conventions and logic of financial accounting and reporting, while useful and required, are not always sufficient. The reason is accounting conventions and reporting can leave a knowledge gulf between results and rational decision-making. Managerial decisions based upon financial accounting results alone require interpretation, interpolation, judgment, and wide tolerances for decision risk.

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What A Pandemic Teaches Eye Practice Leaders and Administrators

The effects of the COVID-19 revealed vulnerabilities with the structures and business models of independent medical practices. This issue of Focal Point provides a summary examination.

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