How to Make Decisions as a Method to Enhance Leaders' Effectiveness While Strengthening Organizational Culture

Leaders' Decision Making Model:

Purpose: To create a consensus-driven understanding of the elements that factor into decision making for an eye practice and related entities. Consensus on this model will serve as the foundation for managerial decision making for the organization.

  1. The mission and goals of the organization; consideration for the mission responsibilities to patients, the communities served and the strategic goals of the organization (goals consistent with the strategic plan.)
  2. Quality of clinical care and the management of risk to patients.
  3. The quality of the patient experience.
  4. Application of all staff and providers to their highest and best use in service to the mission and goals of the organization.
  5. The culture of the organization and the effects on staff, providers and patients.
  6. Operational productivity.
  7. Financial productivity.
  8. Costs of care for patients.
  9. How decisions made affect related providers, staff, clinical programming and the effective integration of services across sites and clinical programs.
  10. Use of high-cost equipment and technologies.
  11. How internal operating incentives are likely to interact to affect decisions made.
  12. Effects on the organization's abilities to compete in markets served.

About Daniel K. Zismer, Ph. D.

Daniel K. Zismer, Ph. D.

Daniel K. Zismer, Ph.D. Is the Co-Chair, Co-Founder and CEO of Associated Eye Care Partners. He is also Endowed Scholar, Professor Emeritus and Chair, Department of Healthcare Administration, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota.

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